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Lacbraga is a company specialized in the treatment of aluminum surfaces through the coating and anodizing processes and in the Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles.
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The coating process of aluminum surfaces by electrostatic painting powder, results of two distinct phases: the pretreatment and the coating. The pretreatment aims to prepare the aluminum surface, protecting it against corrosion and maximizing adhesion of the polyester based thermosetting powder paint.

One of the great advantages of this type of surface treatment is the almost unlimited diversity of colors and/or finishes (metallic, textured, etc.) that can be applied, thus being the most common method to apply color to aluminum profiles.

Lacbraga offers its customers the most modern finishes on the market, ranging finishes from metallized, matt to textured coatings.

Available Finishes*
*The colors shown are merely illustrative


Aluminum anodizing is an electrolytic process, where an anodic layer (aluminum oxide) is created on the substrate (an aluminum alloy) that is solidly bonded to the surface. This layer is extremely thin (of the order of the micron (μm), 1000 mm), which may vary in thickness depending on the intended purpose or place of use of the aluminum. The thickness class 5 and 10 microns are used indoors and the thickness class 15, 20 and 25 microns are used in outdoor environments, the latter two classes being used in aggressive or strongly aggressive environments.

At Lacbraga, anodized aluminum may or may not be colored by electrolytic or organic coloring, resulting in final colors ranging from light, medium and dark bronze to black in electrolytic coloring or gold color in organic coloring.

Lacbraga anodising also offers different finishes for the treated surfaces: polished surfaces (glossy finish), brushed surfaces (scratched finish). All these finishes can be presented in an extra glossy version.

Anodizing is increasingly sought not only for the strength and durability offered to aluminum, but also for aesthetic reasons (the modern metallic effect).

Available Finishes*
*The colors shown are merely illustrative


Lacbraga has an assembly line with the most advanced technology for Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles. The advantages of these Thermal Break profiles are: the reduction of the coefficient of thermal transmission, avoiding the appearance of condensation on the inner surface of the profiles; increase energy savings by reducing the need for energy to keep the indoor space air-conditioned; and aesthetic advantages, allows two colors in a unique profile.




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