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Located in Braga, in the north of Portugal, Lacbraga was founded in 1988 and is currently a aluminium job coater/anodizer, being one of the leading companies operating in this sector in the country.
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Lacbraga's mission is to continue to be a benchmark in the industry and professionally manage the company's business in order to sustainably maximize value creation, offering our  customers services and solutions tailored to their needs and expectations.

We believe that aluminum has unique properties that must be maintained, investigated and treated with efficiency and quality, in the constant search for better solutions, which is why we are committed to quality and innovation, always with special attention to the environment. This is the Vision of the Lacbraga.


Our Values:

- Market orientated, offering quality services in order to satisfy and loyal customer.

- Responsibility, pursuing our objectives with principles, honesty and rigor, based on management practices and socially responsible attitudes.

- Creating value by improving our performance in a sustainable and continuous manner.

- Quality and Innovation, providing quality services that meet the individual needs of each client.


Quality policy:

Equipped with the most modern and demanding systems on the market, Lacbraga aims to provide its customers with:

- Quality of excellence in the services provided, at the most competitive prices;

- Experienced professionals, capable of anticipating and satisfying customer needs;

- Personalized service (pre and post sale);

- Scrupulous compliance with deadlines.

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On September 28th 1988 the application for a certificate of admissibility of a firm or company name  was made at the National Register of Legal Entities and was registered in the Finances the beginning of Lacbraga's activity on December 26th, 1988.


Lacbraga - Termolacado de Perfil de Alumínio, SA, started manufacturing on the February 27th, 1989 at the Sequeira Industrial Park in Braga, with the ambition of responding to the needs of the industrial and civil construction sector. Specializing in aluminum coating, counting only with ten employees, it quickly established itself in the market and conquered important clients that still accompany the company today.


In 1995, the company built a new production unit in Celeirós, where the company's headquarters are currently located.


With the growth of the construction sector in Portugal and taking advantage of a market gap, in 2003 the company decided to expand its premises in Celeirós and invest to offer to its clients a new service - Anodizing. As proof of our customers satisfaction and of the excellence of our services, the company had at the time more than 75 employees and had three production centers, two of them dedicated to aluminum coating and the other dedicated to aluminum anodizing.


In 2007, following the demand and market requirements, the company decided to move towards quality certification - Qualanod - for the anodizing service.


In 2009 the company obtained the international quality label - Qualicoat - which certifies the coating service and helped to consolidate the presence and image of the company in the market.








Responding to a growing demand of its customers, in 2011 the company created a Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles section.


On July 6th, 2012, the company took over the presidency of APAL, the Portuguese Aluminum Association, whose main objective is to join forces in the defense of the interests of its members - extrusion and aluminum surface treatment industries, namely anodizing, lacquering, cleaning and maintenance, as well as related industries - promoting their progress and technical development.


The company installs a new coating plant at the Celeirós unit, integrating all its coating production in this new installation, rationalizing and optimizing its coating production facility, increasing its production capacity simultaneously.


On September 20th 2017, the company indirectly assumes (on behalf of APAL) the presidency of ESTAL the European association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium whose mission is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level, to actively contribute towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface treated aluminium and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the development of new technologies among its members. entre seus membros...


Being a Qualicoat quality label licensee, our company obtains the SEASIDE mention of this quality brand.

Lacbraga decided to implement a Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, based on the following assumptions: quality of service, quick response to requested orders, proximity to partners and suppliers, continuous improvement and full compliance with the legislation and regulation applied to the sector.






In order to respond more effectively and with assured quality to the requests of our customers, our services are holders of several brands of international product quality.


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Aware of the impact that its activity may have on the environment, Lacbraga has decided to adopt good environmental practices as well as the best available techniques to implement throughout its production process in order to rationalize the consumption of water, raw materials and energy. This growing concern with the environment has rewarded the company with the Environmental License, issued under Dec-Lei No. 194/2000 of 21 August, on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control.


Recycling is also a priority. Plastics, cardboard and metals are strictly separated, and transported to recycling or waste recovery companies.

Lacbraga believes that these environmental policies lead to a sustainable development and an increase in the quality of life. It is with these principles that we govern our activity for a better environment and for a more prosperous future.


In addition to the rationalization of resources, the environmental policy of Lacbraga goes through a scrupulous waste water treatment, being the water coming from its production process correctly treated prior to discharge into the collector and by the reduction of emissions of gases to the atmosphere, which are rigorously controlled through by  gaseous effluent treatment systems.






Parque Industrial De Celeiros, Lote S5
4705-760 Aveleda, Braga

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