Quality Labels

In order to respond more effectively and with assured quality to the requests of our customers, our services are holders of several international product quality labels.
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The process of anodization of Lacbraga has held since 08/01/2007 the international product quality brand Qualanod, with license no. 1414, recognizing and guaranteeing its entire process for this treatment.

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The Lacbraga lacquering process has been in possession, since 05/15/2009, of the international quality label Qualicoat, with the license nº 821, recognizing and guaranteeing all its process for this treatment.

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Lacbraga decided to implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, based on the following assumptions: Quality of Service, Rapidity in response to requested requests, Proximity of partners and suppliers, Continuous Improvement and Full compliance with the Legislation and Regulation applied to the sector.

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